Premier Hockey League PHL was a professional field hockey league competition for clubs in the top division of the Indian hockey system.

There were seven teams in the PHL. The competition was held every year from until First season had two tiers division 1 and division 2 but from season onwards division 2 was scrapped. Except team winning division 2 championship rest all teams in division 2 were scrapped. The competition was disbanded in Since the inaugural season, the format has varied regularly. According to the last format, each team plays each other once in a single round robin format 21 matches in the regular league season, then the top four play the semifinals 1 vs.

There are a total of 26 matches for each session. During a PHL match, points that contribute to team standings can be earned in the following ways:. In case of no winner has been decided after completion of a match and two periods of extra time, the winner of the match will be determined by a shoot-out competition. The fundamental aberration from the format of normal hockey games is the number of sessions. A normal minute hockey game includes two sessions, each of 35 minutes each.

The PHL has four sessions each of This format is tailor-made to include more advertising time in order to generate funds. Teams are allowed to take time-outs to chalk out new strategies during the course of the game. If the match is deadlocked after full-time, the number of players of each team is gradually reduced till a result is obtained. A win within full-time fetches three points, whereas a win after full-time fetches two points to the winning team and one to the losing team.

Each team is also allowed to field up to five international players. In addition, another feature of the PHL for the yearhas been the innovative penalty shootout competition, modelled similar to the ice hockey penalty shootout.

Each team will have five penalty shoot outs each where 5 players will play a one-on-one with the goal keeper of the opponent team. Each player will start with the ball on the 25 yard line and when the umpire blows the whistle player will have maximum of 8 secs to score a goal with only the goal keeper defending the goal. The player can take as many shots possible within the stipulated 8 secs. Another interesting feature of PHL is timeouts, similar to basketball and volleyball. Each team will be allowed 2 x second timeouts per team in regulation time.

These timeouts will be mandatory and have to be taken once in each half of play.

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In addition, each team will also be allowed 1 x 2 minute timeout which is not mandatory and could be taken at any point in time during the regulation time. Out of the above 18, maximum of 3 players can be of foreign origin.

At any given point of time minimum 2 players of foreign origin shall be within the field of play during the course of a game. All eighteen players in a team have to be registered with the PHDPL and need to submit their identity cards before the start of the league qualifying for playing in a team. All Indian players currently employed have to be taken on lien for the duration of the league and then be registered with PHDPL. All the foreign players must obtain international transfer certificates from their respective countries and or clubs before signing up with the team and PHDPL.

Premier Hockey League

There are a number of players from countries other than India, who have been contracted to play in the league.Perhaps the most grievous effect of the pandemic, especially on those dying of or receiving treatment for COVID, is the loneliness. In their desire to. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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All passengers must wear face shields and face masks. PAL Flights for August and onwards. Ticket offices in Metro Manila.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. The base installation includes a large library of simple shapes e. It also has a built-in quick-plotting function based on matplotlib or Qt that allows you view the state of any GDS object, useful when scripting geometry-making functions.

phidl 1.4.2

It also has a geometry library reference and a set of very thorough tutorials that will walk you through the process of getting acquainted with PHIDL. Like Python itself, it aims to be readable, and intuitive. For instance, when building a geometry you don't have to worry about what the exact coordinates are anymore.

If you want to separate two ellipses in the x direction by 5 units, you can do things like this:. There's a few dozen shortcuts like this that make life easier built into PHIDL--they're simple, but they make a world of difference when you just want to e.

There's also a "port" functionality that allows you to snap together geometry like Legos without caring about where exactly the absolute coordinates of either geometry is. For instance, connecting the above misaligned rectangles is a two-line command:. It also allows you to do things like add text and create smooth or straight routing curves between "ports" of different devices, convenient for making electrical or optical connections:.

A whole layout can be outlined directly in the GDS without requiring you to use Beamer useful for positive-tone resist structures :. You can also do things like create a backing fill to make sure the resist develops uniformly while still creating a solid ground plane, with user-defined margins. Below is an image of a device that needed a ground plane. A single-line fill function was able to fill the required area purpleelectrically connecting all of the ground structures together:.

We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.Released: Jan 23, View statistics for this project via Libraries. We don't know by inspection what code does.

Determining its behavior involves running it. Is this behavior what we want? There are three basic questions:. Ideally, we want all of these questions answered precisely for a whole range of tests immediately after any code change.

But code changes constantly. This issue is excellently addressed by pytestan automated unit testing framework. In a single command, it scrolls through a bunch of test functions, makes sure they run, and makes some programmer-defined checks on behavior. Code for layout is different from regular code in that its behavior is the geometry it produces. It is difficult to state as text what the correct behavior is, so layouts must be reviewed by eye. This process takes a lot of time for even one complex layout; it is only as good as the reviewer's eyes and knowledge; and it cannot practically be done without hundreds of commits since the last review from multiple collaboratorsmaking it very hard to localize the origin of bugs.

It combines the pytest automated testing framework with the klayout XOR differencing engine. If stored GDS reference files are deemed correct, then change detection is as good as answering the question of correctness.

An initial run produces a reference layout. After review by a human, this file is then marked as the "correct" behavior for that block of code. When the tests are executed, the block runs again, producing a new "run" GDS. Differences in geometry i.

The first time you do this, it will take about 10 minutes to build klayout. Installation depends on pytest, klayout, and lygadgets -- these are automatically installed as dependencies via pip. The "contained" function BasicWaveguides is not a pytest function. It takes an empty cell, modifies that cell, and returns nothing.

Optional arguments are allowed.

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There is a bit of a magic associated with declaring and debugging contained layouts, discussed below. For now, just go with that way of thinking about it. Difftest it implements compiling the test layout, the XOR test, and error reporting. All of these second functions have the exact same format, which is why they are written as one-liners.

If you want to disable a test from running automatically with pytest, just comment out this second function. Why two functions? The first is a normal-ish function. It can be called, examined, used to save to file.Clemson basketball coach Brad Brownell scored another impressive recruiting victory Friday night when two-guard Lucas Taylor of Wake Forest, NC announced a commitment to the Tigers.

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Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Go to file T Go to line L Copy path. Raw Blame. Many functions like this exist in the phidl. First we create the waveguides. As you can see from the waveguide function definition, the waveguide function creates another Device "WG".

This can be thought of as the waveguide function creating another GDS cell, only this one has some geometry inside it. This handle will be useful later when we want to move wg1 and wg2 around in D. These actions include movement, rotation, and reflection.

Several of these properties can actually be used to move the geometry by assigning them new values print wg1. For instance, if we want to move wg1 such that its port 'wgport1' rests on the origin, we do: wg1. We can access the Port objects for any Device or DeviceReference by calling device. We can use this to chain commands in a single line. For instance these two expressions: wg1. Every Port has a Port.

Like before, let's connect mwg1 and mwg2 together then offset them slightly mwg1. Since we connected our two D2.

Let's save this file so we can practice importing it in the next step D. Here we generate several random shapes then compress them together automatically.

This includes imported geometry from other GDS files too. When you import a GDS, you specify which layers you want, and it will import those layers as a new Device.

The new device can then be manipulated like any other.